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Terms And Conditions

By continuing to use us, or by submitting content for publication on The New Absurdist, you agree to abide, and that you are bound, by these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and you agree (including by your continued use of our site) to be bound by any such changes.


A person who submits artwork, photography, writing (or any other content through our publishing form, email, or social media messaging) will hereby be referred to as an author or authors.

A person accessing any of our digital and print platforms (including social media) will hereby be referred to as a reader or readers.

We may refer to ourselves (the editors, staff, affiliates and third-party contractors) as The New Absurdist or we, us, and our. We may refer to readers and authors as you, and your.


Authors are expected to share original content only. 

As an author, you retain the rights to your work in all cases except the following:

  • You (the author) have expressly agreed to publish the work with The New Absurdist exclusively. In such cases, we will reach out to you directly, and collect a digital record of your agreement.
  • You are employed by The New Absurdist.

By submitting your work as an author to The New Absurdist, you agree that we retain the rights to publish, unpublish and republish your work at any time. We will consider unpublishing requests at our own discretion and according to our own judgment. We retain the right to use an authors work for any promotional and marketing purposes. We retain the right to collect any profit generated by our publishing of submitted work.

We urge authors to make sure that they have legal ownership of their work; if you’ve created content on behalf of another person and/or legal entity, please make sure that you have the right to republish your work with us. 

We allow authors to retain anonymity in order to protect their identity if by an author’s own judgement, it is necessary to do so. Anonymous authors are subject to the same ownership standards as named authors.

Authors are allowed to publish underneath any name they choose unless we, The New Absurdist, deem it inappropriate by our own standards. This includes (but is not limited to) impersonation or the use of hateful language.


The New Absurdist does not tolerate plagiarism. We do our best to screen for plagiarism, but it is possible for plagiarized work to slip through anyways. The New Absurdist will remove plagiarized content from our digital platform if the use of plagiarism has been proven and confirmed. 

Instances of plagiarism that exist in any print media after it has already been printed and published unfortunately cannot be removed. We will, however, credit the legal and original owner via our online platform.

If an author has been accused of plagiarism, it is not our responsibility to prove otherwise: it is the author’s. If it is proven that the work is plagiarized, the author will no longer be permitted to publish with The New Absurdist in the future.  

We do not take any legal responsibility for instances of plagiarism. Disputes should be handled between the person(s) claiming plagiarism and the author. We cannot provide the contact info of any author directly. We will notify the author (through the contact info they gave to us or have accessed us by) that their work has been flagged for plagiarism. 

The person(s) claiming plagiarism must first provide evidence, and if the submitter claims ownership despite the given evidence, we will give the author contact information (that the person(s) claiming plagiarism has given to us with the intention of sharing with the author) so that they may work out the dispute. 

If the party claiming plagiarism has provided reasonable evidence by the judgement of The New Absurdist, the content will promptly be removed from our digital platform without further mediation.

If the author does not reply to us after thirty (30) days, and/or the claim has not been acknowledged by the author, the content being disputed will be removed from our digital platforms until the author reaches out to us. In the meantime, they will be suspended from further publishing with The New Absurdist.

If you believe your work has been plagiarized, please contact us through our email: team@newabsurdist.com.  

Abuse of Work

Readers are not permitted to use any work affiliated with The New Absurdist for public or commercial work unless they are an author who has not granted exclusivity to The New Absurdist and maintains legal ownership of the work. More information on this can be found in the “Publishing” section of our Terms and Conditions.   

If you would like to cite The New Absurdist, please make sure to credit the original creator and The New Absurdist.