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Content We Publish

How do you organize a publication about artistic expression, intersectionality, and gym class? We don’t know, but we sure did try our best.


Writing based in reality, involving real people and real events. We prefer creative and inclusive pieces on substantive topics.


Analytical pieces of writing with a particular focus. Can be informative, but we prefer argumentative and persuasive writing with some central claim or thesis.


Subjective accounts written from the perspective of the author on any subject including the author’s own life and experiences.


Creative writing unbound by truth or reality. We prefer pieces that emphasize purpose, themes, and human connections.

Flash Fiction & Short Story

Brief works of fiction with a beginning, middle and end (should be a complete work, not an excerpt of a longer piece of writing).

Screenplay / Stageplay

Fiction formatted for and/or imagined as a production for a short film or one-act stage production.


A form of writing focused on expression through the construction and deconstruction of language.

Poem (Single)

A single work of poetry meant to published without any other accompaniment. It may be featured alongside other poems, but is meant to be stand-alone.

Poem (Multiple)

Multiple works of poetry meant to be published individually. You can submit multiple poems in one go and we’ll evaluate and publish each poem as stand-alone poems.


Multiple works of poetry that are published together as one whole body of work. The poems may or may not have relevance to each other, but are meant to be read together.


Expository pieces written about individuals and their work. Can be written by us if requested (involves an interview and/or project pitch).


Artists of all mediums are able to discuss a body of work they’re working on or have worked on in an artist showcase instead of submitting artwork just by itself. They can talk about the processes, motivations, influences and experiences associated with a particular project or throughout their artistic career. Can be thought of as an extended artist statement and can be written in the first or third person.


Writers interested in discussing their career or larger pieces of writing they’ve worked on (such as a book, anthology, etc) should do so through a writer showcase. This is an opportunity for writers to share the story behind the story – for readers to get a better glimpse of the author behind their favorite works. Can be written in first of third person.

Community & Enterprise

People who are involved with projects and events that align with our mission of encouraging positive growth in the world are encouraged to share as much about it as they can! We want to know what the experience is and has been like, what motivated you to start and continue, and about the progress you’ve seen or are hoping to see.

We can write showcases for you! Let us know through the submission form or through email.

Questions? Email us at team@newabsurdist.com