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Publishing Guidelines

Submission Checklist & Notes

❶ Your submission has a title. “Untitled” does not count!

❷ There are no typos nor grammatical errors

❸ You’ve used headings and subheadings wherever possible

❹ All images sent are high-resolution

❺ Dimensions, mediums, and dates are included where applicable

Your writing may be edited to fit our editorial standards (which include grammar and spelling). If we want you to make any substantial changes to the work, we will reach out to you about it. Please be prepared to be communicative with our team!

Please note that we may make adjustments to images like cropping or color correcting.


We ask for information about yourself and your work so that we can better understand where your work is coming from, so please share as much as you think is relevant! You can also read about our team and who we are as a publication to better understand the kind of submissions we’re looking for and how we evaluate them.

The New Absurdist team aims to publish writing that aligns with our mission: to be a space for the creative, the curious, and the unapologetically passionate to engage in educated discourse and promote positive growth in the world. Please consider how your submission aligns with this goal as we do not publish anything we deem hateful, prejudiced or ignorant.

We do not have a hard limit on word count, but keep in mind that we aim to publish pieces with an overall reading time below 10 minutes.

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions before submitting any writing to better understand the legal side of publishing with us. We also suggest you read how we categorize submissions so that you can see where your submission might fit into our publication.

What happens once I submit my work?

Once you submit your work, it’ll go through a review process by our editors. You’ll receive an email if your submission form was sent in successfully. We will reach out to you by email to let you know if your submission was accepted (and in some cases rejected).

If we decide to publish your work, we will publish it under the categories as we think it best fits in. Some work may be posted on our social media.

Due to a high volume of submissions, the time it takes for your work to be evaluated and published may range from a few weeks to a few months. We will notify you around the time it is ready to be published.

Submissions (other than stand alone poetry) are published as Editors’ Picks and are given covers illustrated by our members of our team. Please consider that this process can be time consuming.

Submission Form