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3 Percocet Prescription Poems

As someone completely obsessed with puns, I write my poems using a unique method of homophonic translation which re-sounds existing texts based on each individual letter’s potential to make sound (or to be silent) within different contexts in the English language.


A poem exploring the undertones of horror that exist if you really consider what the famous poem “The Jabberwocky,” is about.


A poem about the rain storm I witnessed in April: and how it made me remember the autumn rain in despair.

In Spring

“In Spring” is a shahai. Shahai is a less familiar term than haiga – the traditional pairing of a haiku or senryu with a picture, which dates back to the times of early Japanese prints. Shahai is a haiga where the picture is a photographic image.

Star Juice

I like my writing to feel simultaneously cryptic and clear. You may not know exactly what I’m talking about but you know the emotions. You know how it feels.

a collection

I’ve been compiling many of my poems from old notebooks to create a book of life. Like a memoir but in poems. These are a few of the recent ones.

Death Grip

I used to be ashamed for being extremely emotional. I used to wish I was thick-skinned and careless. Now I’m proud to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Nap Time

I.D. presents us with a vivid exploration of longing, memory, imagination, and living in the present.

Spring Cleaning

Emma writes about how 2020 has led her to dream about domesticity with her partner, and to have someone to clean with.

Haha, Sorry I Forgot

The writer says it’s a “lil poem about feeling lonely while having sex.” However, hidden within the work is incredible meaning and complexity