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Who’s There

by | Apr 10, 2021

I made myself open to heartbreak 

Thinking that, if I assumed 

A false sense of self confidence 

Heartbreak would skip this door 

And move on to the next one 

What I didn’t realize 

Is That Heartbreak Didn’t Have To 

Come Through The Door 

If It Was Already In 

The Attic,the kitchen,the bathroom 

The threshold that a lover once stepped through 

And unceremoniously departed from, 

Leaving the door open 

The lock broken 

Heartbreak didn’t need to ring the bell 

Or knock at the window if no one heard it 

It already lived in the Saturday a.m. radio 

Turned on  at noon  while  we deep cleaned the house 

Like a routine, like a normal day 

Heartbreak was there when we opened the fridge 

And saw that it was empty 

Because we said that we would shop 

And forgot 

Thinking we had everything we needed at home 

Heartbreak is like the part of a song 

You always remember without 

Remembering any other part of it 

It’s like the birds you hear chirping 

Without knowing where it’s coming from 

You’re accustomed to it 

Maybe I don’t need to make myself open to it 

If it’s already made itself comfortable 

Wherever it chose 

If it’s in me 

I guess a broken heart is what it takes 

To heal.