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Vaxed Out

by | Sep 8, 2023

I saw the best vaccines of my generation destroyed by madness.

Anti-vaxers vex me with facebook conspiracies.
‘The CDC is poisoning the bloom of our youth’
with thimersol and squalene (quicksilver and earwax.)
Thank you Mrs. Wright for calling this to my attention:
but my boosters did not make your boys jump off the roof
Of course they’re hyperactive: what did you expect when
you named them Odin and Thor? Look, Israel and Isaac
are autistic; Jacob sleeps with his half-brother, but none
of them have suffered the evils of my needles—
they’re home schooled and off the grid. Now I’m down.
I’m trodden. I’m downtrodden to see so many lives needlessly
placed at risk.

I never expected to see vaccines refused. They are my way
to save lives. No. I do not get a kick back for every vaccine
I give. I’m not in it for the money. I went into this field to do
good. To help people. My hourly wage is less than
that of an apprentice carpenter. I have a great respect
for people in the trades. (I come from a long line of plumbers.)
But can’t you see just in my lifetime we’ve tamed polio and rubella,
subdued hemophilus, pertusis, and rubella, varicella,
zoster, hepatitis, influenza, mumps, and Measles!

But I’m tiring. I’m retiring. I never aspired to Bodhisattva,
but I remember polio. Trust me, you do not want your child
to get it. But you don’t. Trust me. Still you bring me your
children. And refuse my advice. Now I face Hunshinowang,
Demon King of Confusion, come to earth to feed
and I lack Sun Wu Kong, that warrior King of Monkeys,
to battle these one hundred and eight monsters
(as in his Journey to the West)—can’t you see we’ve slain
at least a dozen demons. Think of the lives saved,
the suffering averted! Small pox is extinct! But
there’s always another. Will you trust us this time?