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a collection

by | Sep 6, 2023


Secret meetings
Giggles in the hall
25 Nespresso pods
Addicted to the cause
Sitting in your office
Just to feel your calm

Did not know how much I needed you
You were my closest confidant
Held me up, when I just could not
A whole ass disaster
I know I am a lot
Didn’t matter
You never brought it up
-Work bestie

Coming alive

A life of routine I lived
Day in and day out
Being the character, I need to be
In the different layers of life
Trying hard not to make waves
Always been a quiet girl
Some things never change

Then comes this firebird
Young and beautiful
Suffering in different ways
I open my home

I have been where you are
Feeling the world against you
Being young and not knowing
Inexperienced and scared

The years have made me stronger
Come under my wing
I can protect you
Flourish here
If you need

My little firebird
Brave and loud
Her opinions are known
Confrontation welcomed

I admire her candor
For being who she is
Not dividing herself into layers
To fit the scenery

I may be older in years
But you are fiercer in heart
I have much to learn from you
You have ignited a flame in me


Learning to say no
A blessing and a curse
Still every time that word leaves my lips
My stomach cringes for the response

Surprisingly, many just accept and move on
I am flabbergasted and disappointed
It took me so long to learn

Do not be afraid
To take up space

Thirty something

Just starting to feel like an adult
People judging my unattached life
I am more than belonging to a man
Life is bigger than the box society demands
Counting my blessings for this body
For my success and independence
It is not that I do not welcome love
I just don’t let it define me

Just because I am not a trophy
Does not mean I am not happy
The freedoms I worked so hard to earn
I enjoy them day in and day out

And if one day someone
Man, women, come along
I welcome them with open arms
It is not a need that is required
But an addition that would be a cherry
On top of an already fulfilling life