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3 Percocet Prescription Poems

by | Feb 18, 2024

Percocet Prescription, 11/6/23 

I want to search the word for suicide and find

not a helpline or seven ways to remember to

 live or prevent non-living but rather a future

within this feeling that death is a  comfortable 

fit on my body. A force eventually moves as

needed—for pain, for kindness as a pleading 

failsafe—but to pretend suicide is evacuation

and not a wish for safety against a world that

just wants you alive is a failure of empathy and it’s 

so infuriatingly tiring what wreckage you want of me.

Percocet Prescription, 11/8/23 

When there is a button to die and you press

every button and nothing ever happens

you are left to wait for a finish you have chosen,

the inevitable zero woven into your every

article: an infinite indefinite definite. Wait for 

an eruption of days QTY zero SUPPLY zero

NO REFILLS REMAINING, just a lung finished 

belching. Of course you won’t wait forever

yet each day is a refusal to explode even

as steam rises, the rock so hot to the touch.

Percocet Prescription, 11/9/23       

Fear fends for itself, devises ways to leave

when no one is watching. Look over there! 

Severance is swift and easy to mistake for a field 

a two-car garage a fatal highway accident a school 

shooting acetaminophen fifty-five tabs open—

How can I die How can I—even family miffs it. 

For pain feeds quietly upon us: large zero mouth.

Alone is never alone, it is safe here to try and no 

one will say friend you are very loved to keep

your hurt intact. Zero over zero over zero you 

see a warm tunnel of zeros leading away you

want it to catch you want so bad to catch you.