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Charity Shop Evangelists

Charity Shop Evangelists

This piece interrogates the purpose of faith in giving people a continued sense of purpose in America: a culture of perennial novelty that seeks to discard people when they are unable to find a place in the narrow routine of its population. This essay also opens up a further interrogation of one of the biggest problems facing our culture: how do we resist the urge to dispose of people, as we do our used items? And when people have been disposed of, how do they survive? Robert examines it through the behavior of these charity shop evangelists, while also examining his own relationship to this religious community as a queer man.

The Horse’s Name Was Friday

The Horse’s Name Was Friday

A creative exploration of understanding oneself through one’s physical body. Take a look into the nature of symbols using personal accounts, family history, and the work of Umberto Eco. It is, above all, a personal confession told through the eyes – or perhaps terrifying mouth – of girlhood.

Luck is a Funny Thing

Luck is a Funny Thing

Caitlin Taylor So retells the stories her grandpa told her about the Vietnam War, from her perspective as his granddaughter. Reflecting on what these stories mean to her, she connects them to her annual Lunar New Year wishes to her grandparents. She grapples with how it is possible to give back to your elders when they have given you everything.