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by | Sep 15, 2023

Pitolisant Tablets.
The First and Only Non-scheduled
Treatment for Excessive Daytime
Sleepiness (EDS) or Cataplexy
in Narcolepsy
And haven’t we all suffered
from Excessive Daytime Sleepiness?
It is a scourge, right up there with
ED (which I trust I need not spell
out and from which, need I mention
haven’t we all suffered?)
So why did I save this flyer? A flyer
I do not remember receiving. Perhaps
I nodded off. And yet I have affixed
to it a list of names, an editor,
an old boyfriend, a childhood friend
(these are not, by the way, one
person,) and another name scratched out
(which might be George?) and an
annotation, ‘derserves real letter.’
And why the ‘non-scheduled’? is one
to take this after one has Cataplexed?
Or avoid taking it at bedtime? So as
to allow sleep? And oh, the long
list of precautions and side-effects
(the one that jumps out at me is reduced
effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives.,
This seems a dangerous thing when associated
with avoiding sleep and is followed
by information about a ‘pregnancy
registry’, to track, I guess, Wakix effects
when contraception fails.) So. All things
considered, I am going to recycle
this glossy piece of paper. But I may lay
sleepless pondering why I saved it
in the first place. And I am recycling
the list of names. I am too exhausted
to write ‘real’ letters.